Installation of gas struts for chairs

Our competitive prices, fast service, and expertise when it comes to gas struts mean that you don’t need to look any further when it comes to gas struts on the Gold Coast.

Gas Strut Repairs are experts when it comes to installing gas struts. We supply a wide range of common standard size gas struts and strut accessories suitable for a wide range of applications. We’ll supply and install quality newgas struts.

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Many types of chairs utilise gas struts to raise them, lower them or to tilt them. Over time, they can lose their effectiveness but that doesn’t mean you need to discard your chair and buy a new one. If your chair is in otherwise good condition and it has just lost its ability to lift or tilt, give us a call and we’ll come to your home, office or place of business and install a new gas strut on your favourite chair.

We fix your chair while you wait. In many cases the cost of a new gas strut installation is a fraction of the price of the cost of a new chair.

We can install struts for:

Gas struts for swivel chairs

Gas struts for office and desk chairs

Gas struts for gas lift chairs

Gas struts for bar stools

Whatever type of chair you have, if it uses gas struts and they need replacing we can help.

From specialised professional chairs, such as bus seats and dentist chairs to chairs on marine vehicles and RV’s, your favourite office chair, or a special purpose chair for your home, replacing a gas strut can save you money.

We offer a speedy mobile service to get your chair comfortable and fit for you to sit on. We carry different sizes of common gas struts and strut accessories that mean we can install gas struts on the spot while you wait.

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