Custom Gas struts

Custom gas struts Gold Coast

When you need a gas strut for a special application, we’re the experts you should Call. We off a mobile service that will come to your location anywhere on the Gold Coast from south Brisbane right down to Byron Bay. What’s more, we do not charge a Call out fee and in almost all cases we can be there on the same day you Call.

Custom gas struts are required when off-the-shelf gas struts don’t accommodate your specific application. Gas struts need measuring so that they are positioned at the perfect point to do the job properly.

Gas Struts  Gold Coast Gas Strut Repairs  Custom gas strutsGold Coast

When we come out we may need to make two visits. The first visit is where we take all the measurements of lengths and angles that we need. We need to consider the compressed length and the extended length required as well as the weight of the object that requires lifting or holding up.

On our second visit if necessary, we will install and correctly fit your new custom gas strut and make sure everything is working correctly as it should.

Custom gas struts for pool pump covers and pool filters

If you have a hide-away style pool pump cover or pool filter, gas struts can be installed to lift and hold the opening lid.

Custom gas struts for kitchen cabinets and windows

Make opening and holding cabinets and windows easier with the installation of gas struts.

Call us for custom gas struts

We can look after your gas strut needs no matter how big or small they are. Any moving part that requires lifting, lowering or positioning can usually be enhanced by installing gas struts.

Gas Struts  Gold Coast Gas Strut Repairs  We can look after your gas strut needs no matter how big or small they are

We are open for business 6 days a week, 8am-5pm Monday to Friday and 9am until midday on Saturday. Call us for advice, sales and obligation free quotes on all thing related to gas struts.

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