Gas struts for industrial applications

Gas struts are found in many industrial applications from heavy machinery, trucks, and heavy duty vehicles and even storage units.
Our mobile workshop carries a large range of struts in various sizes suited to many common industrial uses. We also do re-gassing and repairs, so whatever needs you have with industrial gas struts, we’re the experts you can count on. We service south Brisbane and the Gold Coast right down to Byron Bay.

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Gas struts are a simple but ingenious device that offers benefits beyond simply making it easier to move a heavy object. Gas struts make it safer to lift, reach or move heavy objects. Struts help reduce wear and tear on machinery because the strut takes the weight of the load and reduces or eliminates friction between components. A strut creates a soft motion that is easy to control. A strut can be used in conjunctionwith an actuator which operates the strut by a manual switch or remotely.
Here are some of the applications where we can help you with industrial gas struts.
In manufacturing plants and factories, gas struts are commonly used to open and hold heavy or large lids, safety hatches, safety grills, and covers.
Many types of specialist industry machinery rely on gas struts for safety and for making operation of them more practical. Gas struts can be found where motors, engines and other apparatuses are used in machinery for printing, food manufacturing, and conveyor belts.

Tool boxes and storage boxes can be made safer and easier to operate with gas struts.
Display cabinets and cases, catering equipment, mobile stalls, food vans, and tables can all be enhanced for safety and practical use with gas struts.
Industrial trucks and heavy duty vehicles often use gas struts on panels and covers over engines and motors.

We’ll install gas struts on your industrial applications

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